Family Tree of the English branch of Gloucester and Wiltshire

This chart is cross-referenced to the document "A Stokes Family of Dublin", written by A.G.Stokes and represents Sheet 1 of that original document. There are two main later branches, of Stanshawes and Titherton, and these are shown with separate background colors. Blue lines indicate parentage, and red lines group siblings.
The Connection between the English and Dublin Families

We believe that this lineage represents the ancestry of the Dublin family, to which we certainly belong. However, the exact line is unknown. The evidence for the connection is the coat of arms originally granted to Sir Adam de Stokke in 1306. In 1725 Gabriel Stokes of Dublin successfully petitioned for thr rights to use these arms. Although his argument, which would have established full details of the descent, is now lost, the link to our family clearly was made.
1-Roger de Stokke +Alice

2-Sir Adam de Stokke of Rushall & Stokke b. 1280 +Eve Hungerford d. 1337

3-Thomas Stoke de Sende b. 1319, d. temp Edward III

4-Thomas Stoke de Sende (1381)

5-John Stoke de Sende(Henry IV)

6-Thomas Stoke de Sende (Henry V)

7-John Stoke de Sende (1425)

8-Thomas Stoke de Sende (1495)

9-Walter Stokes

9-John Stokys de Sende d. 1498 +Alice d. 1500

10-John Stokys de Sende d. 1502 +Marjery Nicholas

11-John Stokes

12-Edmund Stokes of Langley, Burrell and Titherton d. 1614 +Edith Snell

13-Christopher Stokes of Titherton +Prudence Ivye

14-Thomas Stokes of -Titherton b. 1587, d. 1654 +Elizabeth Young +Anne Cheeke d. 1660

15-Thomas Stokes b. 1610

15-Charles Stokes b. 1613

15-Edward Stokes of Titherton b. 1615, d. 1677 +Mary Abjohn d. 1644 +Elizabeth James

16-Abjohn Stokes of Titherton b. 1641, d. 1707 +Ann Scott b. 1642, d. 1691 +Elizabeth Green b. 1658, d. 1705

17-Abjohn Stokes of Titherton b. 1675, d. 1725 +Sarah Burgh b. 1681, d. 1734

18-Edward Stokes of Titherton

18-Thomas Stokes

18-Thomas Stokes b. 1712, d. 1787

18-Abjohn Stokes b. 1718

18-Sarah Stokes b. 1703, d. 1788 +Thomas Stokes of Stanshawes b. 1698, d. 1786

18-Frances Stokes b. 1706, d. 1711

18-Ann Stokes b. 1709

17-Edward Stokes b. 1679, d. 1680

17-Mary Stokes +John Mereweather

16-Christopher Stokes of Whitchurch +Jeane Stenhouse

17-Christopher Stokes d. 1700

16-Mary Stokes b. 1643

16-Elizabeth Stokes b. 1653 +Benjamin Ashe

15-Susan Stokes b. 1610 +Thomas Garrard

15-Christopher Stokes b. 1620

15-George Stokes b. 1621 +Elizabeth Dickenson b. 1639

15-Francis Stokes b. 1624nnis

15-John Stokes b. 1626

15-William Stokes b. 1632

15-Thomas Stokes b. 1635

15-Ursula Stokes b. 1623 +Edward Atwell

15-Lucy Stokes b. 1629

15-Elizabeth Stokes b. 1630, d. 1631

15-Dorothy Stokes b. 1631

15-Ann Stokes b. 1631

15-Elizabeth Stokes b. 1633

11-Christopher Stokes Of Slawton & Stanshawes d. 1566 +Anne Lester +Agnes d. 1574

12-Anthony Stokes of Stanshawes d. 1593 +Margaret Scrope +Jane Browning

13-Christopher Stokes of Stanshawes b. 1576, d. 1664 +Alice Parker d. 1613 +Barbara Snell

14-Samuel Stokes of Stanshawes b. 1608, d. 1705 +Isabella Codrington d. 1675

15-Edward Stokes of Stanshawes b. 1630 +Margaret Newman d. 1655 +Elizabeth Poole

16-Edward Stokes b. 1655, d. 1657

16-Richard Stokes of Calne b. 1661, d. Apr 1723 +Eleanor Lambert +Judith Bloome

17-Thomas Stokes of Stanshawes b. 1698, d. 1786 +Sarah Stokes b. 1703, d. 1788

18-Thomas Stokes of Stanshawes and Hardwick b. 1725, d. 1803 +Anne Aldey b. 1737, d. 1803

19-Thomas Stokes of Stanshawes b. 1759, d. 1808 +Sarah Prichard b. 1757, d. 1821

20-Adrian Stokes of Stanshawes b. 1788, d. 1853 +Annis Rolph b. 1785, d. 1848

20-Edward Stokes +Alway of Aust

21-Dr Adrian Stokes of Wickwar 1820-1885

21-Sarah Eliza Stokes +Thomas Richards

21-Celia Annis Stokes +Andrew Jackson

20-John Stokes b. 1790

20-Thomas Stokes of Watledge & Stanshawes b. 1784, d. 1859

20-Samuel Stokes

18-Sarah Stokes d. 1801

17-Richard Stokes b. 1700, d. 1782

17-Charles Stokes +Elizabeth Jones

17-Eleanor Stokes

17-Judith Stokes d. 1753 +Isaac Rutton of Ashford b. 1711, d. 1792

16-Edward Stokes b. 1663, d. 1710

16-Charles Stokes b. 1666

16-William Stokes b. 1668, d. 1668

16-Samuel Stokes b. 1670, d. 1705 +Anne Lambert

17-Edward Stokes +Penelope Carew

17-Elizabeth Stokes +John Prowse

16-Thomas Stokes b. 1672, d. 1731

16-Poole Stokes b. 1677 +Sarah Jones

17-Mary Stokes +Wells

17-Frances Stokes

16-Elizabeth Stokes b. 1681 +Scutt

15-Richard Stokes b. 1633 +Agatha Walter

15-Thomas Stokes b. 1645, d. 1732 +Sarah Darney b. 1628, d. 1721

16-Thomas Stokes of Wickwar b. 1676, d. 1762 +Elinor Hicks b. 1679, d. 1754

17-Samuel Stokes b. 1713, d. 1773 +Martha b. 1728, d. 1794

17-Edward Stokes b. 1718, d. 1791

17-Elizabeth Stokes b. 1714, d. 1810

17-Sarah Stokes b. 1716 +Robert Low

15-Joyce Stokes b. 1628 +Nicholas Paynes

15-Anne Stokes b. 1635 +Bartholomew Beeby

15-Elizabeth Stokes b. 1637 +Thomas Joyner +Scott

15-Mary Stokes b. 1638 +James Green

15-Isabella Stokes b. 1646, d. 1682

14-John Stokes of Codrington & the Strand b. 1609

14-Daniell Stokes d. 1613

14-Elizabeth Stokes b. 1607, d. 1636

14-Thomas Stokes of Kingston b. 1617, d. 1667 +Jane Bayley d. 1670

15-Charles Stokes b. 1641

15-William Stokes b. 1645, d. 1646

15-John Stokes b. 1647 +Katherine Andrews b. 1646

16-John Stokes

16-Jane Stokes

15-Edmund Stokes b. 1648

15-Walter Stokes b. 1652 +Judith Welles

16-Walter Stokes

16-Thomas Stokes d. 1736

16-Katherine Stokes

16-Ann Stokes

15-Thomas Stokes +Margaret Sadler +Lucy Harwood b. 1659, d. 1732

16-Thomas Stokes d. <1732 +Isabella of Newent d. 1738

15-William Stokes b. 1759

15-James Stokes b. 1662

15-Jane Stokes

15-Deborah Stokes b. 1655

15-Dorothy Stokes d. 1717

15-Ann Stokes b. 1657

15-Elizabeth Stokes b. 1658, d. 1661

13-Rebecca Stokes +Wheatacre

13-Susan Stokes

13-Martha Stokes

12-Christopher Stokes

12-Thomas Stokes

12-Anne Stokes +Edmund Webbe

12-Bridget Stokes +Richard Harford

12-Margerie Stokes +Cockes +Chambers

12-Edith Stokes +Collymar +Smyth

11-Margaret Stokes +Hemmynge

11-William Stokys de Sende +Edith Smith

12-Christopher Stokys of Sende +Joan Stevens d. 1594

13-William Stokys of Sende d. 1611 +Alice

14-William Stokys of Sende d. 1659 +Smith

15-William Stokys of Sende d. 1659 +Judith Couch

16-Joan Stokys

16-Rebecca Stokys

16-Anne Stokys b. 1632, d. 1699

14-Mary Stokys

14-Anne Stokys d. 1617

14-Alice Stokys

14-Joanne Stokys

14-Sybyll Stokys

13-Thomas Stokys

13-Samuel Stokys

13-Anne Stokys

13-Julyan Stokys

13-Edith Stokys

12-William Stokys

12-Thomas Stokys

10-Robert Stokys +Johanna Passion

11-Walter Stokys +Elizabeth

11-Robert Stokys +Marjery

11-Edmunde Stokys

10-John Stokes +Agnes

11-Thomas Stokes b. 1539

11-Margaret Stokes b. 1541

11-Fraunces Stokes b. 1546

9-Thomas Stokes

3-Sir Roger de Stokke of Wolfshall b. 1295, d. 1331 +Alice

4-Edward de Stokke b. 1331, d. 1361 +Joan d. 1404

5-John de Stokke b. 1357, d. 1376

4-Isabella de Stokke +Danvers

5-Nicholas Danvers b. 1352

5-Richard Danvers

4-Margaret de Stokke b. 1336 +John Weston

3-Adam de Stokke +Geva

3-Patric de Stokke b. 1313

3-William Stoke of Brington, Berks

4-John Stokke